Every Ohioan Deserves an
Opportunity to Succeed …

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted
Creating Opportunity

An “All of the Above” Approach to Job Creation

A stronger Ohio begins with a plan that recognizes every decision – from taxes to trade, from education to infrastructure – can have a positive effect on our economy. For Ohio to compete with neighboring states for the best jobs and opportunities, we need to reform our tax code, cut burdensome regulations, focus on job training and education, and repair our roads and bridges.

As Secretary of State, Jon Husted made it easier to do business and create jobs in Ohio.

Just as President Trump fought to cut the corporate tax rate to jumpstart the economy, Mike DeWine did the same, supporting corporate tax cuts to protect and create American jobs.

Reforming Ohio’s Tax Code

President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was an important step to reforming the tax code and increasing competition and fairness. Ohio needs to follow suit and fix our broken tax code for both individuals and businesses. Strong conservative leadership will help ensure that fiscally sound, pro-growth policies are put in place to lower tax rates, simplify the tax code, and balance the budget without raising taxes on hardworking Ohioans.

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted have consistently supported needed tax cuts for Ohio’s middle-class families and job creators.

DeWine voted to cut trillions in taxes, protect the child tax credit, and eliminate the marriage tax penalty.

Husted helped secure one of the largest income tax cuts in Ohio history.

Cutting Regulations

President Trump has worked to Make America Great Again by cutting over 800 regulations. Attorney General Mike DeWine is fighting to do the same thing here in Ohio. Mike DeWine challenged the burdensome regulations coming down from the federal government that needlessly intruded in the lives of hardworking Ohioans and job creators, including joining the fight against the Obamacare individual mandate, fees on employers that provide group healthcare to their employees, and attacks on our religious liberty.

Jon Husted cut spending and increased efficiency to eliminate the need for tax dollars to run his office.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Mike DeWine has fought tirelessly against the opioid epidemic that has reached a crisis across our state and nation. As Ohio’s Attorney General, DeWine filed suit against manufacturers that misled doctors and pushed opioids on the American people and is committed to both helping those addicted and stemming the flow of these drugs to fight this epidemic.

Jon Husted knows stronger schools, a stronger economy, and new jobs are key to protecting the American Dream and tackling the opioid crisis.